MDOT discusses special session timeline

The letter to the Governor stated that projects have to be notified that funds may not be available for next fiscal year. It referenced that the first round of notice letters would have to be sent out my mid-May. Because of that they’re in jeopardy of shutting down, which could mean added expenses for MDOT to get restarted when the money is approved.

“The state will incur the responsibility for leaving those projects unmanned,” said McGrath. “Every bit of that liability now doesn’t go back to the contractor. It comes back to the state of Mississippi.”

The Governor’s Office noted Governor Phil Bryant signed last year’s MDOT appropriation bill after May 15th, the date quoted in the MDOT letter. And he doesn’t think it holds the urgency that MDOT thinks it does. But the difference? Last year, a budget was already passed by this point.

“This year, the governor does not have a budget laying on his desk to sign,” noted McGrath.