MDOT director tells employee to send message about news poll

“As many of you know, Mr. Brown is currently up for reconfirmation by the Mississippi Senate,” the e-mail from Gina Colon in the Office of the Executive Director says. “There is an open poll on the Magnolia Report Website ( asking whether or not he should be confirmed by the Senate. The poll is being flooded with negative votes from a contingent in Rankin County. I encourage you (if you feel so inclined) and your staff members to vote “yes” that Mr. Brown should be confirmed as the executive director of MDOT by the Senate. Thank you.”

The hearings have not been set yet, as the Senate is waiting for the results of a customary background check before they can proceed. Brown has been criticized over the years for spending in his department on travel, aircraft, and other expenditures, as well as they way it has dealt with different communities across the state.

Brown said he told the employee that the employees should be made aware of the poll. He said he had no worries about any rules being broken related to the e-mail.

Sun Herald