Charter schools: Accountability is key

Mississippi Democratic Trust Press

February 21, 2012

Jackson, MS – Today, the Mississippi Senate Education Committee passed Senate Bill 2401, the “Mississippi Public Charter Schools Act of 2012”. During committee, Sen. David Blount (D-Jackson) offered an amendment to strip virtual charter schools from the bill. The bill ultimately passed the full committee and will now be in line for consideration by the full Senate.

Brandon Jones, Executive Director of the Mississippi Democratic Trust said, “Democrats are ready and willing to embrace any innovation that may improve the quality of education provided in Mississippi’s failing school districts but any change to our current system should account for those communities that are getting it right.” Jones added, “If we introduce changes that ultimately serve to destabilize high performing schools, we will have done a disservice to the children in our best schools.”

Sen. Kelvin Butler (D-McComb) said, “Accountability is the key. We should implement charter schools with a scalpel and not a cleaver. This means limiting charters to underperforming districts and restricting the operation of virtual, online profit centers.” Butler added, “There are groups who would like to profit off of Mississippi’s educational dilemma. We have to make sure that any charter school bill contains safeguards that protect Mississippi children and Mississippi taxpayers.”

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