BOBBY HARRISON: Perhaps legislators should look in mirror, not at Dzielak

Most likely no single reason exists for David Dzielak no longer being the executive director of the Mississippi Division of Medicaid.

But it appears that many legislators got mad at Dzielak over at least two issues. They were:

– The cost of the program.
– The fact that the Division of Medicaid, under Dzielak’s direction did not award a managed care contract to a company formed by Mississippi hospitals. The hospitals, upset with the two managed care companies overseeing the health care of Medicaid recipients, wanted a chance to prove they could do it better.

Quite simply, the Legislature could have addressed both of those issues and in someways is in a better position to influence their outcome than is the Medicaid director.

Medicaid is essentially an insurance company. If legislators want to reduce the cost, change state law to limit who is covered by Medicaid and what medical procedures are covered.

My only point is that a lot of people want to complain about Medicaid – has before Dzielak and will afterward Dzielak – but few want to hear the truth about the health care agency.

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