Medicaid strategy angers Dems

Gov. Phil Bryant and Speaker Philip Gunn are hoping a handful of Republican House members will put aside ethical concerns, vote with the team and end the state Medicaid standoff.

But this has Democrats spitting mad, crying foul and posting conspiracy theories. It’s also likely to get the courts involved, and it’s dragging the state Ethics Commission, bless its heart, into the fray.

In other words, the Mississippi Medicaid situation is: situation normal, all fouled up, as the clock ticks. The program is set to “expire” July 1. If there’s a compromise in the offing, it’s being kept secret. The main game afoot right now is GOP strategy to get a few more votes, at least enough to fund Medicaid for the year, then let Bryant run it temporarily by executive fiat and fight over expansion later.

Clarion Ledger