Medicare begins enrollment

Mississippi senior citizens and Medicare recipients should carefully review the coverage and benefits of their policies during this year’s open enrollment period for Medicare prescription drug coverage and Medicare Advantage , says State Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney.

Open enrollment began Monday and continues through Dec. 7. New benefit choices will take effect Jan. 1, and this year enrollees will have an average of 31 plans to choose from.

Chaney also said Mississippians should report to his office anyone using questionable or abusive sale practices when talking to them about their Medicare Advantage or prescription drug plan.

Individuals who contact you about any type of private Medicare coverage must be licensed by the state, cannot make unsolicited contact and must arrange in advance the type of products that will be discussed during a scheduled appointment.

You can verify the plan you have chosen is Medicare approved by going online at or by calling 1-800-633-4227.

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