Names have been and will continue to be floated for the athletics director opening at Mississippi State. I have knowledge, however, of one person who is definitely going to be applying for the job vacated by Greg Byrne. His name is Jim Carr, and a close friend of his has said Carr’s résumé will be sent to MSU President Dr. Mark Keenum for consideration.

How legit of a candidate is Jim Carr? I’ll let you decide. He’s currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). He’s held those titles since 2006. He previously was Chief Operating Officer (2000-2006), and prior to that managing director and general counsel (1998-2000) for the NAIA.

He’s a native of Gulfport, played college basketball at Millsaps College in Jackson, and has degrees from Massachusetts (sports management) and Duke University School of Law (Juris Doctorate). After finishing up at Duke in 1994, Carr went to work for a Birmingham law firm until joining the NAIA in 1998.