Melton appeals removal from ballot

The Hinds County Chancery Clerk’s office says that Melton has not filed for homestead exemption there.

The Mississippi Supreme Court has ruled in the past that homestead exemption is not the sole method of determining where a political candidate lives.

“The circuit clerk takes the petition to the supreme court and the law requires that a separate judge who is not from this county hear it to avoid political problems with the local judges and that sort of thing, so we’ll get a judge appointed Monday probably tomorrow. We’ll get a hearing next week from a judge outside this county. I think the result is going to be that the mayor’s going to be put on the ballot,” said Reeves.

Melton had his residency challenged in the election four years ago.

The deadline for the Hinds County Election Commission to form a final ballot is Monday.

According to county records, Melton has not filed for homestead exemption in Hinds county, but that’s not enough to disqualify him from the race.

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood says a similar residency challenge was recently reversed by the state supreme court.

“There the court said there are other factors to consider that homestead exemption is a factor you should consider however it is a rebutable presumption,” said hood.