The Clarion-Ledger, 10/9/8

Mayor Frank Melton agreed Wednesday with some details federal prosecutors spelled out this week during his former bodyguard’s plea deal about a 2006 raid on a northwest Jackson duplex – but not how they were telling them.

Marcus Wright cut a deal with U.S. Justice Department prosecutors Tuesday, agreeing to help with Melton’s prosecution on civil rights violation and other charges connected to the police-style raid. In exchange, Wright was allowed to plead guilty to misdemeanor conspiracy and give up his job as a Jackson police detective.

In the hearing, lead prosecutor Mark Blumberg read a narrative of Wright’s expected testimony, including that he, Melton and fellow JPD Detective Michael Recio had participated in an illegal raid two years ago on a Ridgeway Street duplex Melton has maintained was used to sell crack cocaine. The statement also alleged Melton regularly drank Scotch whisky while he conducted his police patrols and included some alleged statements Melton made the night of the raid.