Melton names Sheriff McMillin as police chief

Jackson Mayor Frank Melton on Friday named Malcolm McMillin chief of police, ending two days of speculation about who would be in charge of the state’s largest municipal police force.

McMillin immediately will take control of the 409-member department. McMillin takes over after Melton on Wednesday removed Shirlene Anderson from the post she had held since July 2005 and offered her a job as coordinator of public safety.

Anderson, who earned $114,000-plus annually, has not said whether she will accept the new job. She and Melton have been at odds lately because she did not approve of some high-level personnel changes he had wanted for the department.

Melton has been highly involved in police affairs since taking office, having gone out on police raids, participated in roadblocks and assisted at crime scenes. The president of the police union has said the mayor’s involvement in police affairs has been a hindrance to the department and has been cause for low morale.

Melton said on Thursday that he would step aside after naming the new chief.
McMillin become Jackson’s 13th person to lead the department since 1988.

Clarion Ledger