The Clarion-Ledger Editorial, 3/22/9

Mayor Frank Melton and I have had our disagreements – sometimes they’ve been huge and quite public – but this time I am squarely on his side that he should be able to run for the office he’s held for four years.

Last week, the Jackson Democratic Municipal Executive Committee issued an order barring Melton’s name from appearing as a candidate in the May Democratic primary. The committee contends that since Melton files homestead exemption in Texas, where his wife still lives, that makes him an official resident of that state.

While the committee agreed unanimously, it doesn’t make the actions correct. If anything, it invites questions of motive and raises issues on whether notification for the meeting was adequate. For the record, Melton is a resident of Jackson and has been for many years, since he purchased a local TV station, hired good people and watched the station grow into a powerhouse that still sits atop local TV ratings.