Metal theft: Federal court delays help criminals

The state’s metal recyclers and their lobbyists have done everything in their power to delay legislation that was intended to make metal theft a more difficult crime in which to turn a quick buck. Had metal recyclers not simply handed over cash to anyone with a handful of copper to sell in the past, metal theft would not have degenerated into the ATM of street crime.

Judge Wingate would do well to worry less about the whining of these metal recyclers and their lobbyists and more about the small business owners, homeowners, schools and churches who are paying through the nose due to metal theft.

The intent of the Legislature was to regulate recycled metal-theft sales to makes metal theft less profitable. The intent of the metal recyclers, apparently, is simply to keep their cash registers ringing. Criminals must be laughing – all the way to the bank.

Clarion Ledger Editorial