This Monday, March 27th, at 5:05 p.m. CT, Mike Lott, MFIRE Executive Director, will be on the Andi Peterson and Brian Hadley Show on Supertalk Mississippi radio, WFMN 97.3 FM in central Mississippi, and WFMM 97.3 FM in the Pine Belt. You can also listen to the broadcast live on the Internet at Click on “Live Audio” in the upper left corner. Mr. Lott will be primarily discussing the dangerous illegal alien guest worker amnesty bills being debated this week in the U.S. Senate.

Also, Mississippi State Auditor Phil Bryant will speak before the Republican Executive Committee on Tuesday, March 28th at 7:00 p.m., at the Courthouse in Laurel, 415 N. 5th Avenue (601-428-0527). The public is invited to attend. Mr. Bryant has issued a report on what illegal aliens are costing the taxpayers of Mississippi. The report can be found at our website:

Lastly, you may have heard about the massive protests across the country this past week by illegal aliens and their supporters. The Los Angeles Policy Department estimated more than 500,000 people marched yesterday in downtown Los Angeles to to demand amnesty for illegal aliens and to protest a proposed federal crackdown on illegal immigration. The scope of these nationwide protests is frightening and shows what we are up against. The illegal alien invasion has become a tidal wave that must be stopped. Illegal aliens also protested in Atlanta. There are estimated to be over 600,000 illegal aliens in Georgia. As Mississippi’s illegal alien population skyrockets, Jackson could very likely become a target for protests.