After Senator Trent Lott’s trip to the proverbial to the woodshed last week at the hands of his conservative Mississippi base, one would hope that he got the message. With that in mind, Mississippians eagerly read the newspaper wherein he attempted to explain his reasoning and tried to rehabilitate himself. Senator Lott apparently still doesn’t get it. The United States and now Mississippi is being literally overrun by a flood of illegal aliens. They cost us millions of dollars and adversely impact our schools, our health care system, and our criminal justice system.

The message that the voters sent to Senator Lott is this: In accord with the Constitution, we want and expect our federal government to defend our sovereignty and to protect our national borders. The solution is not as complicated as one might think and does not require any sort of “grand compromise”. We already have laws on the books which would provide a remedy, IF the federal government had the will to simply enforce the law.

Most Mississippians understand that if we would: (1) secure our borders; (2) punish those who hire illegals; and (3) cut off or reduce government benefits, that the problem would cure itself through attrition. Those who broke our laws by coming here would then find their way back to their country of origin. We want a senator who will work to enforce the law and protect our great nation.

Mark S. Mayfield, VP
Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement ( MFIRE.ORG )