The first time Dr. Ennis Proctor attended a National Federation of State High School Associations meeting, someone asked how many state executive directors did not have a fax machine.

Proctor was the only one who raised a hand.
“You talk about embarrassment,” he said. “We’ve come a long way since then.”
So has Proctor. The 66-year-old is entering his 18th year as the MHSAA executive director, and his work has been recognized by the NFHS, which recently elected him as president-elect for the coming year.
Proctor will spend the next year learning the role of NFHS president, and he will serve a one-year term in that capacity starting in July 2009.
“It’s not just an honor for me, it’s an honor for our state,” Proctor said. “I think it’s showed how far our state has come the last 18 years and how much we’re doing to provide activities for our kids.”
Proctor has served on several committees and boards for the NFHS. His new role will mean a lot of traveling around the country, speaking at events and trying to “push through” some programs, which means interacting with Congress.
He said he will depend heavily on the MHSAA staff to cover for him during his term.