Republican District Attorney Michael Guest of Brandon announced today that he will seek a second term as District Attorney of Madison and Rankin Counties’.
?Guest stated, “It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your District Attorney for the past three years.  I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best law enforcement officials in the country, which has resulted in closing over 7,500 cases.  Working together, I believe that we have sent a message to criminals and would-be criminals of our commitment to keeping our communities safe. ”
?Guest added, “I am also extremely proud of the work of our bad check unit and our asset forfeiture division.  The District Attorney’s Bad Check unit has been successful in recovering more than $1,770,000 in bad checks and fees.  Our asset forfeiture division has worked with our local department to seize and forfeit property from criminals who sale or transport illegal drugs.  In the last three years we have forfeited more than 100 vehicles and over $6,800,000 in drug proceeds back to law enforcement.”
?Guest continued, “We introduced two new programs that have proven to be successful.  We teamed up with the media when we launched “The DA’s Most Wanted” where we have captured dozens of criminals who attempted to escape the criminal justice system.  Our Think Again program was designed to educate would-be criminals that a crime with a firearm could result in a life sentence and that writing a bad check is a felony offense.  We have worked with the business community placing materials in stores to serve as a warning and to help prevent crime.”
Guest concluded, “We still have a great deal to do in Madison and Rankin Counties’ and I can assure you that we will continue working with law enforcement and judges to ensure that Madison and Rankin Counties’ are a safe place in which to raise a family, start and grow a business and worship.”
Prior to becoming District Attorney, Guest served as an Assistant District Attorney for twelve years.
Guest has a long history of working with the law enforcement community by training state and local law enforcement officers.  He has served as an instructor for the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department, Hinds County Sheriff’s Department, Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Academy, the Mississippi State Highway Patrol and the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics.  
Guest is currently serving as Chairman of Central Mississippi Crime Stoppers, which was designed to assist law enforcement officials with information that can be used to make arrests and obtain convictions.  While serving as Chairman of Crime Stoppers, the organization has provided law enforcement officials with critical information that has led to the arrest of individuals charged with murder, bank robbery, armed robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and drug-related offenses.  
Guest also serves on the Board of Law Enforcement Officers Standard and Training and is a former member and officer of the Rankin County Republican Executive Committee.  He is an active member of Brandon Baptist Church where he serves as a Sunday school teacher and Deacon.  In addition, Guest is President of the Rankin County Educational Foundation.
Guest is a life-long Rankin County resident and a graduate of Brandon High School.  He attended Mississippi State University where he obtained a degree in accounting and received his law degree from The University of Mississippi.  He is an active member of the Rankin County Bar Association and the Mississippi Bar Association.
Guest is married to the former Haley Kennedy and has two sons; Kennedy and Patton.