Michigan’s Denard Robinson dazzles in win over Notre Dame

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — One day soon, this is going to bite them. One day soon, a team will figure out Denard Robinson and hang a stinging loss on these incomplete Wolverines. One day soon. But in the meantime …
Give this kid the game ball. Give him ALL the game balls. Robinson redefined the term “offensive weapon” on Saturday against Notre Dame. The kid not only broke his freshly painted record for one-man offense at Michigan (set a week earlier), he not only figured on 68 of his team’s 81 offensive plays, he not only had a blistering TD run of 87 yards, he not only had had 258 yards on the ground and 244 yards passing, he not only faked out the defense, pooch-kicked the ball, and even picked up his own fumble and threw it for positive yardage, but he did something in his second start at quarterback that countless college players before him never managed to do.
He led a comeback against the Irish in Notre Dame Stadium.