Mississippi insurance commissioner Mike Chaney virtually alone, miffed

Poor old Mike Chaney.

The state’s insurance commissioner is about as alone and in the wind as a GOP politician can be in Mississippi. The governor is against him. The TEA Party vilifies him. The Legislature and Republican Party have turned their backs to him.

All over a much-maligned health insurance exchange.

One person last week did come to Chaney’s defense. But it was Democratic Attorney General Jim Hood and politically, his help is just throwing more fuel on the fire for those trying to paint Chaney as a no-good socialist Obama sympathizer.

Chaney, it appears, is getting pretty miffed, especially at Gov. Phil Bryant.

“He’s full of crap,” a flustered Chaney said last week. “He doesn’t understand what’s going on, and if he would sit and listen to us, he would understand. He probably listens to a lot of staffers who are young and just listen to the far right like the Mississippi Center for Public Policy and tea party groups.