Mike Church, Tea Party Express Speech-The Fraud of FEMA And Mary Landrieu

Mike took time from his schedule to meet up with new friends at the Tea Party Express as their tour rolled into downtown Biloxi, MS.

On the way to introducing MS state senator Chris McDaniel, Mike explained why MS needs McDaniel as a U.S. Senator and used the example of the fraud & corruption perpetrated by FEMA at the behest of LA Senator Mary Landrieu.

From audio clip talking about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina @ 2:00 mark. . .

“The greatest tragedy of all this though, is the hundreds of billions of dollars that was squandered. Ladies and Gentlemen, I didn’t say hundreds of millions. Hundreds of billions of dollars that was stolen from the American people . . . people in Mississippi, people of Louisiana as well, and was redistributed in the form of Katrina Aid.”