Madison board attorney refutes Mayor’s corruption allegations

Regarding Butler’s allegation that Warnock is corrupt and does not bid out his contracts, Espy said, according to state law, he doesn’t have to. Quoting section 31-7-13, Espy said Warnock was under contract and at the will of the board. “There’s nothing wrong with that,” he said. He also addressing the Epps comparisons saying, the county underwent an audit from the state auditor.

“There’s nobody that came in here and said we had a Chris Epps situation. Nobody. Nobody.” Referencing Butler calling Warnock’s airport survey a “slush fund,” Espy said, “I would say no.”

Monday afternoon, Butler responded to Espy’s remarks.

“Mr. Espy is an eloquent speaker, a great politician or he wouldn’t have been elected as a democrat before Bennie Thompson nor served as one of Bill Clinton’s trusted advisers,” Butler said. “I can’t argue with his ability to debate but that’s not the issue. The issue is the massive payments being made by the board of supervisor to a contractor without any real oversight.”

Clarion Ledger