Mike Garrett continues to embarrass USC

From Boston

There was a time when the daughter and I did a radio show together every Sunday morning. Don’t worry, no one else remembers either.
But Kobe came on the day after his initial Christmas meeting with Shaq. Donald Sterling did his first radio interview in more than 20 years. Vin Scully made our day. Jerry and Jeanie Buss were on together, as were Arte Moreno and daughter and John Wooden and daughter. Jamie McCourt was on, so was Frank McCourt, but for some reason we couldn’t get Frank and Jamie together.
Miss Radio Personality, though, sure knew how to attract the guests. A husband was, and still is, a different matter.
We also had Mike Garrett on, and when reflecting on the hiring of Pete Carroll a few years earlier —- mentioning Carroll was something like the fourth choice behind Dennis Erickson, Mike Bellotti and Mike Riley —- Garrett put a defiant stop to it.