It’s now down to the last few days and Mike’s ready for the voting. It’s been a great year of visiting with people around the state (all 82 counties) and countless speaking engagements. Mike Sumrall’s message has been warmly received and has changed the state auditor’s race. No longer is it ok to simply run for the office for the benefit of a stepping stone. Now a viable candidate must have real qualifications and work history to ensure their success in future auditor’s races.

Polling data shows Mike tied or ahead despite only spending a little over $35,000. By next Tuesday Mike will have beaten candidates with close to $1,000,000 in contributions. How is that possible? Well voters understand this is a grass-roots effort and Mike is the clear choice as far as work history and qualifications.

All of Mike’s campaign finance reports have been filed on time and were complete and accurate. They can be viewed at the Secretary of State’s web page.


Clarion Ledger the state’s leading paper says Mike Sumrall is the best choice for state auditor:

Greenwood Commonwealth says Vote for Sumrall the Giant Killer:

Mike has traveled about 40,000 miles this year in his private car. He drove ever mile and didn’t have the benefit of an airplane, fancy RV or campaign staff. It’s been Mike alone on the trail each day.

I urge you to read the entire Mike Sumrall web page and consider his qualifications, work experience, plans and issues, and then compare it to the other candidate in the race. There’s tons of detailed information on Mike’s page and he has the best plan to turn the auditor’s office around.

Mike wants to commend his current opponent for running a clean race. It’s clear voters are tired of the mud slinging and want to see the real issues in a race addressed. Mike has pushed only the real issues as well as his qualifications and work experience.

Before you make your vote this Tuesday please consider the candidates carefully. This is a critical time for the Office of the State Auditor. It may not exist as we know it in four years. If you want the Auditor’s office to go back to actually doing financial, compliance and performance audits the choice is clear Vote Mike Sumrall.

Mike Sumrall Campaign Release