Millsaps poll finds support for transportation, not gas tax hike

JACKSON – A plurality of Mississippians believe improving the state’s transportation system should be the Legislature’s top priority, but an overwhelming number oppose increasing the tax on gasoline – viewed by many as the most logical way to pay for additional road and bridge needs.

Those results were revealed in a poll released Wednesday by Millsaps College in Jackson and by Mississippi-based Chism Strategies. The scientific poll, conducted Sept. 14-18, has a margin of error of 4.4 percent and was weighted to reflect the turnout of the 2015 statewide elections.

The poll found that 27 percent of respondents believe “fixing roads and bridges” should be the top priority of the state’s elected officials. The issue of reducing the size of state government was a distant second at 15.9 percent while the issues of improving access to health care, more funding for public schools and providing more financial incentives to companies that create jobs followed closely – all at 14 percent or just below.

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