Democrats Unhinged In HD83

As we have talked about in the various previews of competitive House races, Republican Greg Snowden is being challenged by Democrat Gary Houston in the Meridian based HD 83 seat. Also in the race is Sam Thompson, running as an independent, a black preacher who might as well be the devil as far as the Black Caucus is concerned. And that’s not me speaking…

A few weeks ago the Black Caucus staged a rally in Meridian in support of Houston. I am told these LBC members from the House were there: Omeria Scott, Adrian Wooten, Robert Johnson, Credell Calhoun, Alyce Clarke, and Mary Coleman. From the Senate, or the plantation as Houston supporters refer to it as, was Kenny Wayne Jones. How many Black Caucus rallies have been held where they endorse a candidate? Haven’t heard of any. The rally was not intended to boost Houston, but to hurt Thompson.

I’ve been told Houston has been attending many of these rallies, more so than actually campaigning. Thompson, though, is actually campaigning. We recently got video from another one of these rallies, this one held at the 5th Street Baptist Church in Meridian. Head of that church? William Brown. Residents in Lauderdale county may remember him as a former Democratic supervisor who pled guilty, and agreed to resign, as part of Operation Pretense. Here is video of Democratic Executive Director Rickey Cole speaking at this upstanding church:

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