Johnny DuPree and South Mississippi

In the Democratic primary and runoff, Johnny DuPree, the mayor of Hattiesburg, was very strong in south Mississippi, particularly what makes up the Fourth Congressional District as we have noted.

In the first round of voting, DuPree won every county in the district, while Bill Luckett picked up Perry, George, and Greene in the runoff. That said, in the population centers, DuPree was his strongest: 93% in Forrest, 61% in Hancock, 86% in Harrison, 86% in Jackson, 86% in Jones, 90% in Lamar, 88% in Pearl River. These large counties vote overwhelmingly in the Republican primaries, but DuPree did post nice numbers that certainly helped carry him to victory.

Since we talked about the trouble that DuPree had attracting votes in Northeast Mississippi, which has been considered the most competitive part of the state, could DuPree do better in his native area which is among the most Republican parts of the state? You would think it has to be appealing on the surface.

Majority in Mississippi