June Campaign Finance Numbers

Campaign finance numbers for the month of June were due last night, and we haven’t seen any major changes from a month ago.

** Phil Bryant raised $555,000 in June and sits on more than $1.1 million in cash. Quinton Dickerson, a spokesman for Bryant, said this about their campaign’s numbers: “With the support of thousands of Mississippians who are financially contributing to Phil Bryant’s campaign for Governor, the campaign is well-positioned heading into the final three and a half weeks of the primary election.” View the report here.

** Dave Dennis raised $228,000 during the same period and has a little more than $508,000 cash on hand. Dennis said this about the numbers: “We’re honored by these contributions from people who are convinced Mississippi’s next governor must have proven, private sector job-creation experience. They are not looking for politics as usual that thinks the answer to our state’s challenges is more government spending. I share that perspective and am thankful to all our donors.” And his campaign manager, Brian Perry, added this: “People have a strong desire to give to this campaign. Even at non-fundraising meet and greets we’ll walk out with several contributions because the Dave Dennis message resonates with Republican voters who want strong private sector leadership as our state’s next CEO.” View the report here.

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