Little Time For Congressional Primaries

We have talked about the lack of new Congressional maps so far, and the tight deadline any new plan faces. There are some territory battles going on, but at the end of the day no district is being transformed or really altered more than a point or two in either direction. However this plays out, we generally know what the maps are going to look like.

While 2010 gave Mississippi two marquee general election battles, November 2012 likely won’t be as interesting as the primaries in at least three districts. And here is what complicates that matter. Because of the presidential primary, Congressional primaries have been moved from June (as was the case in 2010) to March 13. The qualifying deadline is January 13.

A couple challengers are already actively campaigning, but are certainly being drowned out by the elections going on throughout the state, which are still more than a month away. So when will voters begin to pay attention again? And will election fatigue hit voters next spring? Because of the off-year elections, there is simply nothing you can do about this and it is something voters are familiar with. A very similar situation was in play four years ago when the November 2007 elections were quickly followed up with competitive primaries for open seats in the First and Third districts (along with a special election in MS-01).

Majority in Mississippi