MIM – Luckett’s attack on Bryant from 1992 vote

This afternoon, in a press release noting his support for reducing the grocery tax, Bill Luckett criticized Phil Bryant for his vote on SB 3120. If that doesn’t ring a bell think back to 1992. Bryant, then a state Representative, voted for a one percent sales tax hike, with the new revenue designed in large part for education. Bryant would then vote to sustain Gov. Kirk Fordice’s veto, although the House would override by a couple votes.

Here is part of the release: “Phil Bryant is a career politician who isn’t happy unless you’re paying higher taxes to fund his perks and pension. I’ve been talking for months about cutting the grocery tax to make things just a little bit easier for the working men and women of this state. Phil Bryant doesn’t care. He voted to raise your sales tax, and he doesn’t think we need to cut the grocery tax. We can’t afford four more years of Phil’s foolishness.”

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