MFIRE Hits Dennis On Immigration

Last week, Republican gubernatorial hopeful Dave Dennis made comments on illegal immigration that I said sounded a lot more like Haley Barbour than Phil Bryant. I was referencing what he told the Jackson Free Press in last week’s interview where he didn’t comment on pending legislation modeled after the laws in Arizona. As a result, the Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement- who has endorsed by Bryant- hit back at Dennis issuing this statement:

The comments by Dave Dennis illustrate why MFIRE endorsed Phil Bryant for governor. Phil Bryant has proven that he supports our state’s efforts to protect its citizens from the harmful effects of illegal immigration. It does not appear that Mr. Dennis fully appreciates the depth of the problem of illegal immigration in Mississippi and its effects on our citizens, especially our unemployment rates and taxpayer burdens. The reason that Arizona style illegal immigration legislation has been introduced in over twenty state legislatures this year to control illegal immigration is because of the federal government’s failure to enforce laws against illegal immigration.

Majority in Mississippi