MIM – Nice Hatchet Job CL

The handful of people who still open up The Clarion Ledger in the morning were greeted by a terribly partisan editorial about being bipartisan. Imagine that considering the source. The editorial accuses Phil Bryant of playing partisan politics throughout the redistricting debate and vilifies him for having closed-door meetings with people in his own party. They completely forget or intentionally omit the stunts that Billy McCoy has pulled throughout the process and instead lay all the problems at the feet of Bryant and encourage him to sit down and discuss the issue with McCoy. Are you kidding me? How does that even make sense? McCoy is the man who loaded his redistricting committee with 90% Democrats and has refused to budge, yet you accuse Bryant of the partisan power plays. Bryant has played the partisan card because frankly that is the only thing he can do to counter the exact same thing McCoy has done. …

Majority in Mississippi