PSC To Sue EPA Over “Cross-State Air Pollution Rule”

Last week, the Public Service Commission unanimously agreed to file suit against the Environmental Protection Agency over their cross-state air pollution rule.

Here is a description of the rule: “(It) will require Mississippi utility companies to limit their nitric oxide emissions even further and even sooner, or face possible criminal penalties if the companies violate the rule knowingly or willingly. Under the new rule, Mississippi utility companies must now reduce their emission by May 2012, moved up from 2014…Options for the utility companies include reducing emissions by upgrading equipment, purchasing credits or shutting down electric generating plants completely.”

As I said, the decision by the three-member PSC was unanimous. The motion was filed by Southern District Commissioner Leonard Bentz and seconded by Northern District Commissioner Brandon Presley, whose race we have talked about a good bit. Presley, a Democrat, sent out a press release announcing this decision to challenge the EPA yesterday.

Majority in Mississippi