MIM – Redistricting all about Harper vs. Thompson

s for Thompson and Harper, Harper wants Thompson to take Adams and Wilkinson. Thompson has apparently said he doesn’t want a district that stretches from state line to state line bordering Tennessee and Louisiana. In the old Fourth District, the southwest portion of that district dominated regularly defeating Jackson area candidates. I don’t see that potentially playing out with Thompson, but that could also be a consideration of his.

That brings us to Hinds county, as has been talked about briefly in the past. Thompson has most of it already save for a number of white precincts in Northeast Jackson- which are currently represented by Harper. Included in these precincts are many GOP activists who don’t like the prospect of being represented by Thompson. And Harper isn’t ready to give them up. We will see who, if anyone, budges.

The thinking is that the House won’t support a plan that Thompson doesn’t favor and the Senate won’t support a plan that Harper doesn’t favor. As we have mentioned, Harper is in support of federal judges drawing the new maps. Thompson is not.

Majority in Mississippi