Reeves Dominated Most Regions Of State

Tate Reeves shrugged off a rather slow start on Tuesday and turned it into a commanding 14 point victory, which interestingly was close to the vote totals that Phil Bryant received four years ago in running for the same office.

Reeves won thanks to a performance that saw him do very well in nearly every region of the state. He carried 73 of the 80 counties that had reported their precincts to the Associated Press yesterday.

According to Reeves campaign, he won 64 percent of the vote along the Tennessee state line, along with 65 percent in Desoto- the biggest prize in north Mississippi. He won 66 percent in the east Mississippi counties surrounding Meridian and also won 58 percent in the Pine Belt. Reeves won in Forrest, Lamar, and Jones counties despite Billy Hewes’ ties with Southern Miss and the area.

Majority in Mississippi