Running Against Obama In The PSC Race

We mentioned last week that the Kemper county coal plant is the issue in the Northern District Public Service Commissioner’s race, and that doesn’t look like its changing, but President Obama and his administration have certainly entered the race; more so than in any race I’ve seen in Mississippi this year.

Last week, Democrat Brandon Presley called out Republican Boyce Adams for “supporting Obama’s Department of Energy agenda,” while touting that “Brandon Presley stood up to the Obama Administration’s Dept. of Energy.” Obviously Presley wasn’t using Obama’s name in a positive light.

Adams has fired back saying this about Presley: “(He) is clearly concerned about people focusing on his lack of leadership and his Obama-style regulation policies. We all know that President Obama does not represent the interests of Mississippi, so for Brandon Presley to try to implement those type of policies in Mississippi is mind-boggling.”

Majority in Mississippi