The Last Of The Hinds County Republicans?

In 2007, Democrats picked up a Republican held House and Senate seat from two long-time Republicans in Hinds county. In SD 29, David Blount knocked off Richard White while Adrienne Wooten unseated John Reeves in HD 71. Blount’s win helped Democrats reclaim a majority in the Senate (at least numerically) and we all know how close the Speaker’s race was and Wooten winning was certainly a key to that for Billy McCoy and company.

Today, Wooten is unopposed and Blount is a heavy favorite to retain his seat. And looking at the rapidly changing demographics of these districts will give you a good read on why these Hinds county seats flipped. They both went from majority white to majority black over the past ten years. HD 71 has gone from 48 percent black to 68 percent black while SD 29 has gone from 40 percent black to slightly more than 50 percent black. And that is in terms of voting age population.

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