Tuesday Morning Election Notebook

** Dave Dennis has a couple fundraisers lined up in April. He has one on April 7 in Jackson followed by one on April 28 in Hattiesburg. You can see the save the dates, while the sponsors and hosts are in the process of being formalized.

** Lynn Fitch met with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee yesterday; he was in town for a speech at Mississippi College. Of interest, Huckabee- a 2008 presidential candidate- is likely to run again meaning he may match up with Haley Barbour.

Fitch said this about the visit with Huckabee: “It was great to have the opportunity today to meet with and share how my campaign is going with my friend, Governor Mike Huckabee. Having the chance to get insight from such a wonderful public servant is invaluable. It’s not surprising the Governor will be speaking to a sold out dinner tonight on the campus of Mississippi College.” Here are a few photos from the visit.

** Tate Reeves had a fundraiser in Pascagoula last night.

Majority in Mississippi