Who Has Momentum In Lt. Gov. Race?

A lot of the recent talk, really over the past couple weeks, has been that Billy Hewes has gained on Tate Reeves in the lieutenant governor’s race and has the momentum as voters head to the polls today. We will find out tonight just how much that momentum has carried Hewes. The Reeves carried released polling not too long ago showing the state treasurer up 40. I don’t have any insight on recent polling, but the race certainly doesn’t seem that wide. That said, Reeves still has to be considered the favorite.

In one of his most recent campaign emails, Hewes touched on the race saying, “Many of the pundits and insiders are amazed at the fact that we are very seriously in this race. I’m not, because I know our staff and volunteers are second to none. We are now in the home stretch, with exactly two days to go, and our numbers have improved to the point that we are within reach to claim victory on August 2nd. Campaigns are a constant battle. They require the sort of 24 -7 dedication that people can only give when they truly believe in something.”

Majority in Mississippi