MIM – Anti-abortion group wants to intervene in ACLU case

Personhood Mississippi sent out a presser today announcing that the law firm defending the group, Liberty Counsel, will file a motion to intervene in the lawsuit brought on by the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and others who are seeking to prevent the personhood amendment from appearing on the 2011 ballot.

Here is part of the statement in the press release:

The suit claims that Initiative 26 is unconstitutional because it violates the prohibition against using the initiative and referendum process for ‘the proposal, modification or repeal of any portion of’ the bill of rights. Initiative 26 does not propose any new right, nor does it modify or repeal any portion of the Mississippi Bill of Rights.

When asked about the Liberty Counsel filing on their behalf, Les Riley of Personhood Mississippi stated, “The misnamed ACLU has been dishonestly perverting the Constitution and using court decisions for decades to support the denial of rights to unborn people. We want to stop them from denying the rights of Mississippians to participate in the process, vote, and ensure equal rights to all. I do not know whether Planned Parenthood is concerned that the passage of the Personhood Amendment will interrupt their systematic genocidal program against minorities or it is worried about the impact it will have on their profitable abortion-related services revenue stream that is part of their billion-dollar annual budget. But it is obvious they understand that if the citizens of Mississippi vote then the days of killing unborn children and harming women under color of law may be coming to an end.”

Majority in Miss
Aug. 13