Becky Currie Raises Profile In Legislature

State Rep. Becky Currie (R-Brookhaven) is serving her first term in the state House representing portions Copiah, Franklin and Lincoln counties. Through her first three legislative sessions, Currie has been a reliable vote with House Republicans, but has generally maintained a low-profile. And with 122 members of the state House, that description fits most legislators.

However, over the past month, Currie has become the chief proponent in the House of strict immigration policies following in the footsteps of Arizona. As we reported in early July, she indicated that she plans to introduce legislation in the House during the next session of the legislature and on Monday she spoke at a Tea Party/ MFIRE rally in support of stronger enforcement of immigration laws.

And during her appearance, she targeted the man who is arguably the top target of state Republicans: Attorney General Jim Hood. “If E-verify (laws) had been implemented correctly, it would have worked, but we put it in the hands of the attorney general, and the attorney general has not done a very good job. As of this day, I don’t know of one compliance (issue) or one thing publicly he’s done. Maybe he’s done something privately, but so far, I know of nothing,” Currie said.

Majority in Miss.