MIM – Blackmon may have conflict-of-interest with open meetings bill, and then killed bus law

About a week ago, Blackmon single handily killed legislation that would fine public officials who break open meetings laws. Clearing the House, which is no easy feat, the bill would have implemented a $1,000 fine against any public official who violates the open meetings laws. Right now, the public body- the taxpayer- gets the fine of up to $100 for violations.

After Blackmon’s committee stripped the penalty and moved it back to the public body, the full House voted to restore that. The final bill passed 97-22. That was until Blackmon held it on a motion to reconsider and killed the bill when he did not bring it back up.

Interestingly, Blackmon’s law firm is representing Canton Mayor William Truly who ordered a man to stop video tapping a Board of Alderman meeting- a violation of the Open Meetings Act. Conflict of interest?

And now Blackmon is at it again, this time killing a bill to strengthen penalties against those who unlawfully pass a school bus. The bill is referred to as “Nathan’s Law,” named after Nathan Key, a five-year-old who was killed this past December when a driver illegally passed a school bus.

Blackmon not only gutted “Nathan’s Law,” he weakened the current existing law, said Sen. Chris McDaniel (R-Ellisville), the chief proponent of the legislation. McDaniel blasted Blackmon, saying “I don’t ever believe he wanted the bill to pass to begin with,” and that “he knew good and well that he was killing Nathan’s Law.”

Lori Key, Nathan’s mother, went a step further saying this: “A man made a conscious decision to go around a stopped school bus and he hit and killed my child. We have one man in the Mississippi legislature that has killed a bill that may help to save the lives of other Mississippi children. This proves to us that Ed Blackmon does not care about children in the state of Mississippi and I urge his constituents to vote against him if someone runs against him in the next election.”

Majority in Miss.