MIM – Can McGlowan recover from gun bill comments?

If I was in McGlowan’s shoes, I would say I was not well versed on the bill at that time, I have since looked over it, and here is how I really feel. I would then proceed to back off the old comments and talk about how I don’t really support registration. But still, this wouldn’t be a pretty road.

As for the primary, I don’t expect Alan Nunnelee to press the issue. He has said he was going to honor Reagan’s Eleventh Amendment (to not talk ill of fellow Republicans) and he has no reason to go on the attack right now. Rather, McGlowan’s opponents will step back and let her face the issue. I can’t imagine this is how she planned on spending the first week of her campaign.

I also want to reiterate how this video shows the importance and significance of social media on political campaigns these days. In the pre-YouTube days, the recording was not made into a video and posted online. In the pre-blogging days, the video was not posted and spread for the whole world to see. Social media cuts both ways- positive and negative. Unfortunately for McGlowan, she is experiencing the later.

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