Childers Begins Re-election Campaign With Attacks On Nunnelee

The Travis Childers re-election campaign officially commenced on Saturday at an event in his hometown of Booneville. In front of about 100 supporters, Childers outlined several themes we could expect to see hear over the next three months, including how he plans to take on his opponent Alan Nunnelee.

Here is some of what Childers said about Nunnelee:

– Childers argued that Nunnelee voted “to raise taxes for sick people in hospitals and then took a pledge saying he was for lowering them.”

– Childers attacked Nunnelee on education saying he “cut teaching jobs” and “slashed education funding.”

– Childers talked Social Security saying Nunnelee supports “a plan that puts senior’s benefits at risk.”

For a good counter, you can listen to Alan Nunnelee’s Neshoba County Fair speech in its entirety here thanks to a Y’all Politics recording.

Majority in Miss.
Aug. 2, 2010