MIM – Childers tells CL he wishes he could have voted for Obamacare … doesn’t mention repealing it

Travis Childers spoke with the Clarion-Ledger over the weekend, and overall it is a good story although most regular readers of this blog will have seen all the points addressed in the article mentioned here many times before. But, there was one statement made by Rep. Childers that I had not seen before and may not have been the best choice of words for the incumbent.

On healthcare reform, Childers said this: “No one wanted to vote for health-care reform more than I did. I saw that bill slipping away from me.” There may be popular parts of the bill, but it is a losing issue just about everywhere- especially the First District. Alan Nunnelee has been hitting Childers for waiting so long to declare his opposition to the bill in the Spring, and this should just give him another line of attack regarding the unpopular legislation.

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