MIM – DCCC attacks Republicans for something Taylor did too

As I have mentioned in the past, the NRCC is monitoring MS-04 and are ready to support the Republican candidate in the defeat of Rep. Gene Taylor if possible. Obviously the ‘if possible’ part of that sentence is the key phrase. A couple of Congressional rating services have moved Taylor’s safe seat one notch over to the (slightly less-safe) ‘Likely Democrat’ column, but the most well known political analyst- Rothenberg, Cook, CQ Politics, Sabato- still consider this seat ‘Safe Democrat.’

Today, the NRCC sent out a presser using a new ad from the DCCC against Taylor. The DCCC ad went after a Republican saying he supports “tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas” and “big corporations who would export our future.” There source for those accusations: the Americans for Tax Reformer tax pledge this candidate signed.

That, of course, is the same pledge signed by Taylor giving an easy opening for the NRCC to attack.’

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