Dems To Attack Barbour/ Republicans On Economy

I read one of the most detailed pressers from Mississippi Democrats today, where they stridently attack Haley Barbour and Phil Bryant for the state of the economy. They claim that the policies of Barbour are the reason for the high unemployment and budget deficits the state is facing.

This is interesting because when Barbour was running against Ronnie Musgrove in 2003, then-challenger Barbour successfully attacked the incumbent. The tables have turned and Democrats hope to win on the issue, but it won’t be that easy. Musgrove was not very good at defending himself and let Barbour define the issue. I do not see Phil Bryant or any other Republicans falling into that trap in two years. Barbour and Bryant have both issued major plans to balance the budget and make government more efficient, something Musgrove never successfully did.

Majority in Mississippi