Details On Tegerdine’s Fundraiser At The Shed- And The Firestorm That Ensued

This dust-up made its way to the founder and marketing director of The Shed. There response to one of the protestors was simple- we are not endorsing anyone, we are just making money (similar to my position with the ads on the side of the blog). Although in one of those emails, Linda Orrison- the Corporate Marketing Director- does say, “I support the President myself, which makes this even more difficult and disappointing to me that this is happening.”

I also got an email from one person who was sending the earlier emails supporting the boycott saying that he apologized to The Shed and that he was “duped by Tegerdine’s email” which said that The Shed had “kindly offered to host a fundraiser” for his campaign giving at least one person the impression they were supporting his campaign, rather than just providing a place to host an event.

Here is what Tegerdine’s email said: “The Shed BBQ is South Mississippi’s finest BBQ restaurant and they have kindly offered to host a fundraiser for Republican candidate for U.S. Congress, Joe Tegerdine.”

Here is what it now says on his website: “A fundraiser for Joe Tegerdine will be held at The Shed BBQ in Gulfport at 6:00 pm on April 30th.” I don’t know if it ever said anything about offering to host the fundraiser on his website (like in the email), but it obviously doesn’t now.

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