MIM – Gene Taylor’s past competition rarely raised much, making Palazzo’s #’s encouraging

In light of the announcement that Steven Palazzo will soon be reporting a fundraising haul of $125,000 in the First Quarter, I took a look at the past five races between Gene Taylor and his Republican challenger.

In 2000, Taylor raised over $317,000 while his Republican opponent (Randy McDonnell) raised essentially zero. Taylor won with 79 percent of the vote.

In 2002, Taylor raised more than $367,000 while his Republican opponent (Karl Mertz) did not raise anything. Taylor would win 75 percent of the vote.

In 2004, Taylor faced his biggest Republican challenge. Former State Rep. Mike Lott raised more than $90,000 in the strong GOP presidential year but that was no match for the nearly $400,000 raised by Taylor. Taylor would win 64 percent of the vote- the only time he was held under 70 in the decade.

In 2006- the year the Democrats won control of Congress- Taylor raised more than $428,000. His Republican challenger (Randy McDonnell again) raised nothing (again). Taylor won 80 percent of the vote- his high mark in terms of percentage win. This was also probably when Taylor was at the peak of his popularity following Katrina.

I spoke with a Republican source in Washington who is following this race who called Palazzo’s numbers “very encouraging.” Obviously Republicans have not mounted a serious challenge to Taylor in some time (and have raised barely any money in doing so), but they feel strongly this race will be played on an “even field” from a money standpoint, something Taylor simply has not had to compete with.

We will have more on Taylor’s fundraising later today.

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