MIM looks at more 2011 political players

The Clarion-Ledger got the ball rolling on Monday with speculation on who may run for what during the next round of statewide elections in 2011. Here are some of my thoughts, starting out with the Republicans (in alphabetic order):

– Amy Tuck: the former Lt. Governor was mentioned in the CL and she is worth throwing out there. She was- and still may be- one of the most popular politicians in the state but would have a tough time in a GOP primary against the big names she would be matched with.

– Bill Waller: currently serves in a non-partisan role as Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court. Has been rumored as a possible candidate for governor. His daddy was a former Democratic governor, but that does not mean a lot today (in terms of party perference). Waller’s ideology would most likely be a better match with the GOP, but there is still a possibility he could run as a Democrat (if he ran, of course) where the primary might be easier.

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