Monday Election Notebook

MS-01: The Tea Party Express will hit Tupelo on April 3rd at 4 p.m. According to email from Tea Party organizers, MS-01 candidates will be speaking. Also, on April 20 at 7 p.m. in Southaven, there will be a candidate’s debate for you to check out. Here is the Tea Party of Mississippi website, although the dates on the calendar still appear to be open. We will update you as we get more word on these events.

MS-01: The Wall Street Journal did a feature over the weekend on Tea Party candidates who are running for office, and one of those mentioned was Angela McGlowan. They called McGlowan “one of the most prominent tea-party faithful,” but said she faces “stiff competition from Alan Nunnelee.” McGlowan was quoted as saying, “I have what none of the other candidates in the race have, which is crossover appeal.”

MS-01: Patsy Brumfield wrote a column on healthcare and the position of Travis Childers and the three Republican candidates and offered this assessment: “Republican candidates for north Mississippi’s U.S. House seat say they want health care reform, but they’ve yet to show much difference to the voters from what incumbent Rep. Travis Childers says.”

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