MS-01 Q1 Campaign Fundraising

The Travis Childers campaign sent out a press release today stating that the First District Representative raised a little over $220,000 in the January 1-March 31 cycle. At the same time, Childers was able to net about $150,000 cash on hand and increase his total from $550,000 to $700,000. His official numbers are now available at the FEC site.

We are still waiting for official numbers from Alan Nunnelee, Angela McGlowan, and Henry Ross. Nunnelee had $292,000 COH at the end of 2009.

Needless to say, Childers will all but certainly have a fundraising edge over whomever emerges from the GOP primary.

Update: Henry Ross’ first fundraising report is now available at the FEC website. Ross is showing that he raised just shy of $61,000 this quarter, and he also loaned his campaign $50,000. He closes the quarter with a little less than $97,000 cash on hand.

Since Jeppie Barbour’s name was mentioned on the blog, Ross does in deed have a disbursement to Barbour on the filing.

Update: Alan Nunnelee’s quarterly fundraising report is now in and available at the FEC website. Nunnelee raised $150,427.12 this quarter and is now reporting just under $295,000 cash on hand at the end of the quarter.

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